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Six weeks, twelve pounds!  I wish I could say it was all due to willpower, but this week’s 4-pound reduction was due to a particularly ruthless stomach bug…I’m considering the 4 pounds a silver lining!

Along with lots of fresh fruit and grilled fare we’ve been enjoying, we also found a diet-friendly recipe for chili we loved.

I’m very proud of Walt, and of all my friends who have chosen to make healthy lifestyle changes this summer.  All have had a very successful month.  Keep it up!


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I cheated.

Diet, Day 15:  I got up.  I went to work.  I had a lovely breakfast of berries and organic yogurt.  I was unusually focused at my job, finishing two projects without procrastinating.  Around 11:45 a.m., I headed home for my new lunch ritual: a healthy meal and a few chores that would normally be put off until evening.

Something happened on the way home.

I stopped at the bank to make a deposit.  The bank is next door to Burger King.  The moments that followed are a little fuzzy, but when I regained consciousness, I was driving down the road with a big, fat, greasy cheatburger in my mouth.  It was the first red meat, grease, white bread, bacon, processed cheese, or mayo that has passed my lips in 2 weeks.  And it was good. 

Before I inhaled the last bite, I had already started to analyze why this happened, in the hopes I can prevent it from happening again!   These are the reasons…not EXCUSES…reasons:  It’s Monday.  I had a stressful Sunday, followed by a sleepless night.  My endocrine system can’t decide if I’m in PMS or menopause this week.  And my old faithful, number one reason I always cheat on diets…after two weeks of diet success, I felt like I deserved a reward.  Until now, my reward for everything has always been greasy, cheesy food.

I haven’t figured out how to get rid of Mondays; I’ve been trying for 42 years, and the pesky things just keep coming back.  The Stressful Sundays which inevitably lead to Sleepless Sunday Nights, I’m working on.  If I had paid more attention to my hormonal forecast, I would have realized I’d be a little extra cranky this week.  What I need is a new reward, a new “little happy” to take the place of comfort food.  It’s got to be something fast, easily accessible, and cheap…I don’t have the time or money right now for a massage, new hairdo, or weekend at the beach every time I do well on my diet for a couple of weeks.


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I know…it’s not supposed to be a diet, it’s supposed to be a “lifestyle change”.  Whatever it is, Walt and I started it Monday.  Sort-of.   He started on Monday – and I cheated on Monday, reminding me of the first cardinal rule of dieting:  NEVER start a diet on Monday

I want to feel better and be able to walk up a few stairs without panting.  Walt wants to reduce his blood-pressure naturally.  We want the quality of life that better health provides.  We are both inspired by friends who have recently taken charge of their health, and my office-mates are both ready to start diet or exercise programs.  We feel like now is the time for success;  it’s grilling season, fresh produce will soon abound, and we’re both ready.  To me this is the second cardinal rule of dieting – be sure you’re committed to change for the right reasons.

We’re following The Perricone diet, sometimes referred to as the Perricone “prescription”.  http://www.oprah.com/style/Dr-Perricones-Prescription-for-Aging-Beautifully.  This is an anti-inflammatory diet that was originally developed by a dermatologist  for improvement in skin tone and overall health.  The first three-day phase of the diet, if followed strictly, promises a “facelift in a fridge”.   We’ll see!

Why am I sharing this?  Because accountability is a key element  in the success of any goal.  I’m not paying for a diet program (although I did buy Perricone’s book years ago), I don’t officially have to weigh-in at a group meeting.  So here it is, for the world to see (or at least the handful of readers of this blog)!  Wednesday Weigh-in.  We’ll check in weekly on “the bite” page, which ironically is supposed to be about bar-b-que and all great things Southern to eat…and we’ll report our progress.  With meals like grilled Caesar salad, blackened salmon, turkey burgers stuffed with spinach and mushrooms, fresh cantaloupe or pears for dessert, I haven’t suffered yet.  But then again, it’s been less than 48 hours…

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