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What a week!

Think I should run away as fast as I can?

Hit the open road?

Maybe I’ll stay in town, but wear a clever disguise…

…and hope there are enough hugs…

…and laughter…

…and planking

…and bar-b-que

…and libations…

…to make it all better.


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Me and two of my oldest and dearest friends, Rosie, and Andrea – circa 1993, ready for a night on the town…

Diet, day 11.  Yesterday was supposed to be Wednesday weigh-in, but I still don’t have a battery in my digital scale.  That is my life, I’ll get one eventually!  Anyhoo, it’s more than a number on a scale.  Walt and I have stuck to the healthy eating plan this week with gusto, and despite an emotionally draining week, I actually feel better physically…and I haven’t felt better in a long time.  In conjunction with the diet, I’m reading a great book called “Younger by the Day” by Victoria Moran, filled with daily inspirations for reversing the ravages of time.  I was thinking about what it used to feel like to be young, and I started looking at old pictures  for inspiration. 

It’s not that I necessarily want the size 6 back (or the bad bangs, 8-lb earrings, or shoulder pads, for that matter)…but I do miss the gifts of youth: the happy skin, the sparkle in the eyes, the silky hair free of gray, the ability to dance for two hours non-stop, the promise of a good night’s sleep without Ambien.  I’m not sure exactly where we were going all dressed up in that photo above, but I can tell you without a doubt we had a blast that night; and although we didn’t realize it at the time, we didn’t have a care in the world. 

Life has changed, but did we have to?  Was it really that much more simple then?  Sometimes I think I’ve let everything in the meantime take more of a toll than it had to.  So while I’m trying to undo the physical damages of time, I’m also trying to undo the emotional.  Here are a few random, yet powerful, realizations I’ve had in the past 11 days about health and life:

1) I married my soul mate.  How many people truly get to say that?  Every day is precious, and I don’t want to waste a single one.  I want both of us to have many more healthy days on this planet.

2) All of my life, I’ve had the best friends a girl could have.  Some I talk to daily, the best know when I need my space, some know just when I need a smile or a kind word, whether it be monthly or yearly.  Your friends will keep you young if you will let them 🙂

3) My body is SO much happier without carbs and red meat, and eggs taste so much better from chickens that haven’t been tortured.

4) We need more sleep as we age, and in a cruel twist-of-fate, our bodies try to give us less.  Do whatever it takes to get the sleep.

5) I inherited my mom and grandmother’s incredible skin; why the hell did I ever get into a tanning bed?

6) Most of the things I think are tragic end up being ok….and the truly disastrous things slowly but surely heal over time. “Today is the tomorrow that worried you yesterday, and all is well.”

7) I have learned something from almost everyone I’ve ever met; every family member, every co-worker, even strangers, and of course, my animals.  The older we get, the more we tend to ignore those lessons.  Pay attention.

8) Fruit is the best dessert.

9) Never work late.  Nobody appreciates it, so it just leaves you bitter…and bitterness makes you old.

10) The world is not coming to an end this Saturday at 6 p.m. – but let’s assume for a minute that were true.  How would you live tomorrow?

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