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A Night of Normal

Walt and I have been married for 15 years.  Most of that time, Walt has worked the “graveyard” shift, and for many years, I taught night school after my day job.  We rarely get to spend much time at home, and almost never at the same time.  Last night in a rare occasion, Walt took off work…so I got a taste of what it was like to have a ‘normal’ evening.  It may not sound like much to celebrate for most people, but for me it was a rare treat.

Walt had a bay breeze, my spring/summer drink, waiting for me when I got home.  While he cooked catfish the old-fashioned way – outside, over a flame, in a big cast-iron pot – I took my kick-ass new camera around the yard and made a few pictures of things that made me happy, including the perfect bloom on the Japanese magnolia tree that’s the header for this blog.

Don’t roll your eyes!  This is not one of those blogs…you know, the ones, where I try to make you think my life is perfect.  I’ll go ahead and tell you up front, it’s messy as hell.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t share the good stuff.

I’m amazed at the ivy growing on the side of our house.  When Walt planted it, it was a 3-leaf sprig that I told him would never live.  Now it is all over about 1/4th of the side of the house, to the roof, and some of the leaves are as big as my palm.  While I was photographing it, I noticed 3 of my cats watching…L to R: Maddie, Junior, Patches.

One of the dogwoods in full bloom.

Walt with Zeke, Bandit, and Doc in our field behind the house.

The winter wheat – one of my favorite things about spring.

This is one of the gates going into the dog sanctuary.  My grandfather had some old signs in the barn, and I can’t believe Walt thought of this.

In the storms last week, our Russian olive tree blew down.  I’m sad about the tree, but the branches are still pretty, framing the barn.

Mama Bluebird, in for the night.  Can you see her peeking out at me?  She was pissed.


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