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There is something to accountability…I have realized that for me to make changes for the better, accountability is a crucial ingredient.  Walt and I have found ourselves living in the most chaotic of environments lately – my fault, nobody else’s.  Clutter and disorganization has taken it’s toll on my finances, my quality of life, my ability to do my job and to manage the dog rescue properly – it’s basically stolen my sanity…and I want it back! 

One drawer, closet, space a day until I find everything that is lost, enjoy everything that I love, get rid of everything that is weighing me down, and create a home that is the haven I’ve always wanted.

I promised I’d share, so for anyone who enjoys “before and afters” – welcome to my drawers 🙂

This weekend, between some serious dog rescue work and a few other obligations, I’m tackling the linen closet and at least one of my mountains of paperwork.  Wish me luck!


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