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If you blink, you’ll miss it. 

Walt and I were lucky enough to catch cotton-picking in progress at dusk one evening last week.  Three men, each in their own modern marvel of machinery, picked our entire 400-acre field in a matter of hours. 

One picked, baled, wrapped, and dropped each bale out of the back without ever slowing down.  It would have taken over 300 laborers to hand-pick what this alien-looking machine did in one day.

The picker utilizes GPS technology, so that the operator never has to slow down to align with the rows.

Without missing a beat, he drops each completed bale out of the back of the machine…

 …and a tractor outfitted with a forklift rushes in to move each bale as soon as it is dropped.  The entire process of unloading and moving the bale took less than 30 seconds.

This bale is lined up with the others, precisely in a row, and the driver moves on to wait for the next.  Meanwhile, another tractor methodically cuts the now empty stalks to the ground.

Bales in the Moonlight

The bales have already been transported to the cotton gin for processing.  Long gone are the days when giant trailers holding loose cotton in which to jump and play would have provided days of entertainment for a little curly-haired country girl…but that wonderful freshly-picked cotton smell evokes memories that will never fade.


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