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Meet Beans…

All tongue, all nose, all heart.

 Like hundreds of wonderful dogs, Beans started life in Tennessee but will soon call New England home.  Beans was abandoned here in Jackson.  It could have happened intentionally, or perhaps Beans escaped the tether that was so tight it left wounds on his neck.  Either way, Beans’ luck changed when he wandered into the Carlson family’s yard during a birthday celebration.  Rachel Carlson is a dog trainer here in Jackson, and her family owns Wagging Tail Resort, a state-of-the-art boarding facility and “day spa” for dogs, who generously assists our rescue annually with fundraising efforts, as well as educating folks on responsible pet ownership.  Rachel settled on the name “Beans” because it somehow seemed to fit this 9 month-old goofy bundle of love.  As Rachel puts it, “he was just full of beans!”

Beans patiently awaits a treat at his first vet visit.
Rachel contacted us to see if we had room for Beans…
The first thing you learn when you become involved in rescue in West Tennessee is that when you refuse to discriminate based on age, breed, or color, you are always going to be full. 
There is never going to be enough room for another dog.  There is never going to be enough money to vet another dog.
The second thing you learn is to never say “never”.  Where there is a will, there is always a way.  “We just can’t.”  becomes “We’ll figure something out.” 

"Am I handsome, or what!"

 You see the picture.  The face.  You remember why you do this.  As I’ve heard it put many times, “you don’t choose rescue…rescue chooses you.”

Rachel agrees to keep Beans for a couple of days while we figure out what to do…which turns into a few weeks, because Beans has stolen Rachel’s heart.  After a check-up and a little mending from Dr. Lisa at Parkway Animal Hospital, we posted Beans for adoption with Rescue Angels, one of our favorite rescue agencies in the northeast.  Although we do adopt dogs and cats to local homes, many of our dogs travel for adoption into more progressive states where overpopulation, abandonment, and neglect are not as common.  After several inquiries about Beans, he has been adopted by a wonderful couple who can’t wait to make him a part of their family.
Beans is on his way to his new home today, traveling on Peterson’s Transport, one of the many great transport companies whose business is taking this precious cargo to a happy destination, and we can’t wait for our first update from his new family!
It’s a good day 🙂

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Today’s post is courtesy of Zeke, the world’s coolest pit bull.  A dog of few words, I asked Zeke if he would be willing to share his feelings upon learning that Michael Vick had recently suffered a nasty blow to the head during Sunday night’s Eagles/Falcons game, a hit that resulted in a concussion for Vick, and had him spitting blood from biting his own tongue.  Zeke paused reflectively, looked up at me with those big, soft, wise brown eyes, and said,

“Hmmm.  Karma.”

Gotta love dog logic.

Where are Michael Vick’s dogs now?

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What a week!

Think I should run away as fast as I can?

Hit the open road?

Maybe I’ll stay in town, but wear a clever disguise…

…and hope there are enough hugs…

…and laughter…

…and planking

…and bar-b-que

…and libations…

…to make it all better.

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Hello, Snoopy!

I’ve said it a million times, so pardon my redundancy…it’s the updates from our rescued dogs – loved, happy, and safe in their new homes – that keep us rescuers going.  Even the tiniest glimpse inside their new lives brings me indescribable joy.  It’s like a fireworks show in my heart.  Emily, our Adoption Coordinator, received this little update yesterday.  Thank you, Jen, and all our fabulous adopters.  Keep the pictures coming!
 Here is Snoopy at the top of the stairs waiting for the kids to get home from school. She will sit there for about an hour waiting. She knows they will give her lots of treats.
Love, Jen”

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