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Happiness is two days in the mountains with Walt and my girls.

Shelby & Chaps in their carseats, ready to hit the road!
My grandfather helped build the hiking trails and roads in Cades Cove when he was a teenager working for the Civilian Conservation Corps around 1941.  I grew up visiting the Smoky Mountains at least once a year with both sets of grandparents, so this place is very special to me.
One of the many mountain streams


Chaps loves hiking…


...and Shelby wants to follow every trail.

 I always forget how beautiful this place is, even on a cloudy winter day.

In the higher elevations, at the Tennessee/North Carolina state line.


We drove to Cherokee, NC, which is almost unchanged in 35 years (with the exception of the casino nearby).
A small rain blew into the valley, bringing a rainbow!

Stormy skies

 A new friend gets in a few more bites before the rain starts.


 Taking the back roads…

Cades Cove

 Stopping to watch every waterfall for a while…

Under one of the stone bridges

Rising early for an incredible sunrise…

Gatlinburg, still sleepy

It was an amazing weekend.  And like these two turkeys…


 …we had an incredibly peaceful holiday.  For this I am truly thankful!

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“Summer makes me drowsy; Autumn makes me sing.” -Dorothy Parker

At "Hatchie Bottom"

Stream at Hatchie



South road frontage at the Mt. Pinson farm

Behind our house


Another incredible view behind our house

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The late summer heat has soon worked its magic on the cotton bolls, and what was lush green just 3 short weeks ago is now speckled with color.

Some of the bolls have begun to open now…

…and a few others are already “cotton angels”……as the journey from plant to product continues.  It’s hard to imagine that in just a few more days, the entire field will be sparkling white, as the relief of fall gently lands in The South.  I can’t wait!!!

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