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As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I thought, “oh no…what if he puts needles in my face?”  Before I knew it, bam-bam-bam!  I had several needles in my forehead and one in each cheek.  Strange, but not painful.  Dr. Ly’s assistant told me she’d be right back to heat the needles.

Heat the needles? 

When she came back into the room, she tapped something behind my head and said, “Don’t worry.  It will feel like I’m going to burn you, but I’m not.  Most people love this.”  Not the most comforting thing I’ve ever been told.

I don’ t have a clue what she did next, and I’m not sure I want to know…but I see why most people love it.  There was a deeply relaxing, very hot sensation on my face – it felt wonderful, like a hot mask, but not.  The strangest part: though the room was dark and my eyes were closed, while she was ‘heating the needles’, I saw vivid colors.  All were shades of blue and purple, mostly turquoise.

What was it?  I’m not quite sure.  It had not happened during my other treatments. I wanted to ask, but Dr. Ly had moved on to other clients and the clinic was extremely busy.  In other words, I was too chicken to say, “So, do people usually see strange colors when you do this?”   I went on about the day and forgot about it.  But I was thinking about the colors today and remembered several years ago when my neighbor, a reiki master, asked if I would take her class and let her give me an attunement.  She had to do a certain number of attunements to attain master status, and way back then I had free time and thought, “what the heck?”  I’ve never really pursued the reiki further, except to return to my friend for a couple of treatments to help me relax.  I convinced myself that the strange colors and shapes I “saw” with my eyes closed during the attunement were my imagination, but it was much like what happened yesterday at Dr. Ly’s office.

I left the acupuncture clinic with my headache gone and my sinuses completely clear.  I’m sad to report the sinus/allergy problems did return within the hour and are still plaguing me.  Despite my determination to let Dr. Ly heal all my ailments, I gave in this afternoon and took antihistamines and decongestants.  But whatever he is doing for my weight-loss is working.  I’m down 7 pounds and I don’t want to eat much.  Really.  And I’m a total stress eater.  I walk by the assortment of candy in my office that used to call to me several times a day, and it now looks like some alien thing that I don’t want to touch.

I’m not sure yet that acupuncture is a cure-all, but there is definitely something to it.  I’m going back after Thanksgiving for more.


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